Because they did not take your spirit

Because they did not take your spirit

I’m amazed at how long Anene was able to stay alive, given the horrific nature of her injuries, and how she was able to cry out for her mother after she was taken to hospital. I like to think that her attackers may have tried to take everything from her, that they may have broken all of her fingers and both of her legs (this is where I like to stop thinking) but they couldn’t take her spirit. They couldn’t break her.

Because they broke

Size: 20cmx20cm unmounted; 30cmx30cm mounted

Medium: lipstick on board

Price: R500 each. All proceeds to Lawyers Against Abuse

Because you matter

I’ve painted lots of hearts with lipstick before. It started after I got dumped by a boyfriend, and I felt sad, and the obvious way to deal with that sadness was to paint broken hearts in which I scratched jagged lines.┬áLater, I painted hearts to raise funds for Lawyers Against Abuse, because hearts code for stereotypes around romance and femininity, and I liked the double meaning. I created more than a hundred of them for Estee Lauder’s end of year gifts to the media.

This heart is different. This heart, and the ones that follow, will be for Anene. They can’t bring her back, but they can raise awareness and funds for other victims of gender-based violence. The message it contains is one for her and for all the girls and women who don’t believe that they matter.

Because you matter.

Because you matter

Because you matter

Size: 30cmx30cm mounted

Medium: Lipstick on board

Price: R500. All proceeds to Lawyers Against Abuse. To purchase, mail sarahjbritten[at] or find me on Twitter @Anatinus